Welcome to Jungle Adventures!

Jungle Adventures, A Real Florida Animal Park is the natural habitat jungle home of our rare Florida Panther, small exotic cats, various Deer, Tropical Birds, Reptiles, Mammals, and other critters. When you enter this timeless old Florida Hidden Treasure attraction on a journey into a lost world that time forgot. SEE, HEAR, SMELL AND FEEL OLD, REAL FLORIDA.

Park Updates

Our Jungle Swamp Cruise is operating at full capacity but will not operate during inclement weather. Please check with your show guide for scheduling updates during your activities rotation. We appreciate your patience during Florida's "rainy" season.

We've also had a bit of fun applying educational and animal related cues throughout the park to remind you of the importance of social distancing. So be on the lookout for those. 👀

Call ahead for available showtimes or book using the “Buy Now and Save” button on the right.

See you real SOON!


Hands On Wildlife Experience

Hands On Wildlife Experience

Go hands-on with a baby alligator and other cool critters. Our guides give you a close up encounter with some of nature's most interesting animals.

Old Florida Village Replica

Native American/Old Florida Village Enhanced Adventure

Go deeper into Native American & Florida's First Settlers culture

Gator Jamboree Feeding

Gator Jamboree Feeding

Watch while our guides hand feed the "Last of the Dinosaurs", our 8 to 15 foot alligators.

Jungle Swamp Queen River Boat

Jungle Swamp Queen River Boat

Cruise aboard the serene passage on Green Gator River, deep inside a natural Florida habitat teeming with alligators, flocks of birds and authentic old Florida replica, Spanish Fort Mees.

We Bring Them to You! Education plus Experience equals Conservation

Our Jungle Mobile Zoo programs fuel our mission and leave you with a safe, hands-on approach to helping wildlife and our future. Saving our World isn't just for the experts, everyone can do it one step at a time. Our Not for Profit Hands-On programs educate with our unique approach in the hope of planting a seed in all of our listeners that will grow as they do and make them more aware of their environment and all those that live in it. By meeting so many animals in an intimate setting, it becomes personal. Do your part, sponsor a Jungle Mobile Zoo experience to your next family or company event.

VIP Adventure Tours

  • Night Adventures in the Jungle

    An exciting after hours visit of Jungle Adventures with dinner

  • Animal Trainer Handling Adventure

    Learn what it takes to be an animal handler

  • Native American Village Enhanced Adventure

    Go deeper into Native American Culture with Standing Bear.

We are open EVERYDAY of the year from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm rain or shine.
Phone us at (407) 568-2885 or 1-877-424-2867
Find us at 26205 East Colonial Drive, Christmas FL 32709
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